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Aleksandra Krivoglazova: I always unplug everything when leaving home.

Distributed generation specialist Aleksandra always unplugs everything before leaving home.  Ecology is something that school curricula should emphasise more, believes Aleksandra Krivoglazova (24), a Master’s student from the Tallinn Technical University, who is currently studying distributed generation at the University

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Taivo Pungas: Maximise the Total Happiness of All Sentient Entities in the World

An ethical data scientist is out to maximise the happiness of every sentient entity. Master’s student Taivo Pungas (23), who is studying at the technical university ETH Zurich, would not contribute to discovering new oil fields. Why do you write your

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Alexander Zakirov: I dream of helping people with spinal cord injuries.

Alexander the neuroscientist wants to improve the lives of those with similar fates “It’s easier for me to talk about simple things in Estonian and about work in English,” says Alexander Zakirov (25), who is continuing his Master’s studies at

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Holger Saar: Startup Skills and Experiences Are Priceless for Scientific Career.

What interests you besides science? Many think it’s the polar opposite, but besides science I also do bodybuilding. It started like it usually does, I went to the gym to try and get in shape, but then my interest grew

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Kristjan Põder: As a Scientist I Am Disturbed by the War of Words That Doesn’t Take Reality Into Account.

Where in London do you live? Just recently I moved to Lewisham, a small old village in Southeast London that the expanding city swallowed up. The houses here are mostly two or three story buildings and the streets are very

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Tuule Mall Kull: Always Keep in Mind the Meaning Behind Numbers

Tamkivi Foundation Fellow Tuule Mall Kull is pursuing her Masters in simulation sciences at RWTH Aachen, creating self-learning algorithms to manage heating systems in order to increase the use of renewable energy over time. You received a degree in physics from the University of

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Friedrich Kaasik: Scientific Achievements Should Be Explained in Commonly Understandable Terms

One of the two fellows of this year’s Tamkivi Natural Science Foundation is Friedrich Kaasik (27), a PhD student at Tartu University. He is working on his doctorate thesis in Professor Alvo Aabloo’s lab researching robotic devices that can lift

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Madis Ollikainen: One Should Seize Every Opportunity to Step Up

The first fellow of the Tamkivi Foundation of Natural Sciences, Madis Ollikainen (22) is a graduate student at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, a top tier university topping several rankings and a home base for teaching or studies for 21 Nobel Prize laureates, Albert

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