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Tuule Mall Kull: Always Keep in Mind the Meaning Behind Numbers

Tamkivi Foundation Fellow Tuule Mall Kull is pursuing her Masters in simulation sciences at RWTH Aachen, creating self-learning algorithms to manage heating systems in order to increase the use of renewable energy over time. You received a degree in physics from the University of

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Friedrich Kaasik: Scientific Achievements Should Be Explained in Commonly Understandable Terms

One of the two fellows of this year’s Tamkivi Natural Science Foundation is Friedrich Kaasik (27), a PhD student at Tartu University. He is working on his doctorate thesis in Professor Alvo Aabloo’s lab researching robotic devices that can lift

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Madis Ollikainen: One Should Seize Every Opportunity to Step Up

The first fellow of the Tamkivi Foundation of Natural Sciences, Madis Ollikainen (22) is a graduate student at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, a top tier university topping several rankings and a home base for teaching or studies for 21 Nobel Prize laureates, Albert

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