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Kertu Liis Krigul: Can you get cancer from eating? Further research is needed!

Kertu Liis Krigul

When conversing with Kertu Liis Krigul (28), a doctoral student in gene technology at the University of Tartu, the word “faecal sample” pops up several times, with the unwavering nonchalance of an experienced laboratory worker. “It’s very easy to get

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Kristiina Joon: Through sound waves to Oxford and back

When Kristiina Joon (23) was a student at the Tallinn Secondary School of Science, she took samples from the River Pirita over the course of one year. The goal was to investigate the “hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics of humin” and

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Aleksandra Murre: I don’t remember ever being late.

Aleksanda Murre

When the TalTech chemistry and biotechnology institute doctoral student Aleksandra Murre (24) starts talking about chemistry, the words that fly out of her mouth are probably foreign to most Estonian language speakers, even those who speak it as a native

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Sven Sabas is learning to make smart choices in New York

Sometimes it seems to Sven Sabas (28) that he is starting to forget the Estonian language, despite the phone calls to his parents on the other side of the ocean every other week. After all, he’s been away from Estonia

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Kristjan Kalam: a doctoral student in physics, who doesn’t rule out the existence of God and knows how to use heavy artillery

Kristjan Kalam

“I’m wasn’t the typical scientist, who went to Olympiads as a kid. I was more of an average student.” That is the humble description for his first dozen years at school given by Kristjan Kalam (30), who finished the Tallinn

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Mari Liis Pedak: What matters now is avoiding a catastrophe!

Currently working on her master’s degree in artificial intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, Mari Liis Pedak (24) has loved math since she was little. “To a great extent,” she considers it her father’s doing. “When I was five or

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Ermo Leuska: My secret weapon is dark chocolate

Master’s student at the University of Tartu Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Ermo Leuska (36) loves working at night. “Daylight forces us into the same rhythm that society imposes on us, and I suppose in a sense we are

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Aleksandra Krivoglazova: I always unplug everything when leaving home.

Distributed generation specialist Aleksandra always unplugs everything before leaving home.  Ecology is something that school curricula should emphasise more, believes Aleksandra Krivoglazova (24), a Master’s student from the Tallinn Technical University, who is currently studying distributed generation at the University

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Taivo Pungas: Maximise the Total Happiness of All Sentient Entities in the World

An ethical data scientist is out to maximise the happiness of every sentient entity. Master’s student Taivo Pungas (23), who is studying at the technical university ETH Zurich, would not contribute to discovering new oil fields. Why do you write your

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Alexander Zakirov: I dream of helping people with spinal cord injuries.

Alexander the neuroscientist wants to improve the lives of those with similar fates “It’s easier for me to talk about simple things in Estonian and about work in English,” says Alexander Zakirov (25), who is continuing his Master’s studies at

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