Tamkivi Foundation

Tamkivi Foundation for Natural Sciences supports young Estonians’ studies and research in the field of natural sciences. The Foundation is managed as an endowment by Estonian National Culture Foundation.

Tamkivi Foundation for Natural Sciences was established in 2013 in memory of father and son, Paul and Raivo Tamkivi who both passed away in the short span of the year before.  The endowment was seeded by their family, friends and Tallinn Rotary Club.

The main measures provided by the Foundation are scholarships granted to winning applicants of an annual public contest. Applications are expected from Estonian citizens enrolled in masters and doctoral programs in broad field of natural sciences. In case of equally qualified candidates, preference is given to those active in the disciplines of physics (especially energetics), mathematics, medicine (especially cancer research), engineering and computer science; and to those whose activities have a notable international reach.