Third Class of Fellows

Tamkivi Foundation of Natural Sciences is glad to welcome our new Fellows. Thanks to our kind donors and early financial income on our endowment, were able to grant 3 scholarships again this year.

We had all together 9 qualifying applications, which is less than half of last year, but we rather suspect some deficiencies in our own marketing prowess, rather than reading into this as a signal of overfunding in Estonian science.

Reduced quantity did not by any means lead to reduced quality of the young scientists who made the cut. The three new distinguished Fellows of the Tamkivi Foundation are:

Each Fellow receives a 500 EUR scholarship.

Tamkivi Fondation is extremely thankful for all of our supporters. With over 50 contributors to date, our endowment has grown to 37,000 EUR. If you believe our mission to help young Estonian real science talents strive is worthwhile, please consider chipping in too – see the donation instructions here.

Thanks again to everyone who applied for the scholarships this year, and once again, congrats to Aleksandra, Taivo and Aleksandr. We hope to share more about their super interesting studies soon.


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